Are you seeking more magic and synchronicity in your world?

Are you interested in learning from evolving, spiritual souls, that like you, are here learning to master their human experience?

If so, then honor your abundance, manifestation, and magic by attending our once a month

“Magical Tea Party“

Who are your hosts?

Janet Uribe is an intuitive teacher and guide. As a channel with various, "clair abilities", she offers guidance, perspective and healing by assisting you in seeing limited beliefs, perceptions and paradigms that can oftentimes create an obstacle that was meant to be broken down.

Karen Stultz is a recovering “people pleaser” and “self doubter” turned Podcast Host, Author, Speaker, Life Mentor, and Healer. She is an Intuitive Card Reader and supports you with her readings, as well as offering realistic, simple tips and healing with her “Heart Energy Techniques” (HET), for opening the flow of Peace, Joy, and Personal & Financial Freedom.

With the support of our guides, we are able to answer your questions, offer you peace of mind, and assist you with foundations, building blocks and tools that help you on your journey. Empower yourself to overcome your life's patterns and challenges by joining us. You are the only one standing in your way.

What to expect?

Expect surprises, clarity , and synchronistic information that was planned for you to hear before you even incarnated into this realm. These moments with Karen and Janet are frequently miraculous, touching, and so uniquely crafted for you, that the universe continues to bring more of it.

Expect channeling, card reading, judgement free support, body tingles, integration, and easy to understand guidance for the next best steps in your future.

Oh, and full disclosure, Janet has a trash mouth. Sorry, not sorry!


The Magical Tea Party takes place on the 3rd Thursday of every month at 11:00 am ET (8:00am PT).

Join Janet and Karen's Magical Tea Party, that will shine a light on living with greater Confidence, Fun and Freedom!

  • Learn from those who are "choosing doing the work" and "overcoming obstacles" in their present, real time.
  • Learn to integrate more empowered choices and pragmatic actions in your life.
  • This is an opportunity to connect, and enjoy our favorite beverage, while expanding our mind, heart and souls.
  • Each month we will discuss a different topic that Janet's and Karen's "Spiritual Crew", have suggested for us, to offer expansion and transform our lives, and to help you enjoy an Awesome Life.

Acknowledge and claim your abundance, manifestation, and magic!

Perks of Membership!

  • You get to hang out with us every month!
  • $384 in savings for the year
  • Access to cloud recording if you miss one of our sessions
  • Discounts on various programs and events
  • Growth... when you show the universe consistent action, the universe shows you consistent growth!

Some samples of our monthly topics are:

"A New Way of Being"

"The Pleasure and Pain of Overcoming Trauma"

"The Power Asking and Receiving"

"Your Relationships, Breaking Up With Limitation"

"Expand Your Money Mindset"

We hope that you will join us, sign up below to be reminded and get the Zoom link for the Magical Tea Party.

Just like with an in person tea party, you never know where the conversation will go. But it's always a good time to hang out with good friends, or soon to be good friends!

What Others Say About The Magical Tea Party

Karen and Janet are rare gems and full of insight to help you on your path

- Clairvoyant Jess

These magical 'Tea Parties' with Karen and Janet are such a 'breath of fresh air' a perfect place to come and recharge, be reaffirmed, celebrated, encouraged, with a reality check, “keeping things REAL”, as my son says😊such a wonderful time together

- Kimberly (Wholistic HeartJoy Coach) Humphreys, Certified Holistic Health Coach

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